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Since there’s no national “spring break week” designated by colleges, it’s not always possible to see friends who go to different schools during time off. If you’re not planning an exotic vacation, or don’t have any big plans, what is there to do?

  • Sleep! Take a couple days to make up for lost sleep from the semester.
  • Spend time with family. Whether its eating meals together, working out with your little brother, or coloring your mom’s hair, your family will appreciate you being around.
  • Plan a trip to visit friends! Look up train schedules, talk to other friends about means of transportation, and go visit another college for the weekend.
  • Go job hunting. March is a good time to stop in to prospective places for summer employment. Applying early shows future employers that you’re diligent and really want (or need) a job.
  • Start working out. Summer, and bathing suit season, are right around the corner! For inspiration and an inside look at other girls’ fitness plans, visit Seventeen.com’s All-Access Fitness blog.
  • Run errands and stock-up on school supplies. Hit the stores for food and necessities for the rest of the semester.

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