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Since I just scheduled my courses for next semester, I can’t believe I forgot to mention (and emphasize!) such a critical part of the college experience. The professors!

When choosing my classes for this current semester, I selected the courses and times that I thought I’d enjoy the most.  What I didn’t realize, however, was that I should have put more time into making sure that I got the best professors.  When you pick a class that you want to take, it says which professor is assigned, and I STRONGLY recommend going to Rate My Professor before choosing the class.

Unless, of course, you want to have experiences like these…

  • This morning, my composition professor referred to herself as “Special Ed when it comes to time management,” and then proceeded to address my study group as, “the threesome.”  Oh.
  • A political science professor that I had last semester spent the entire three months talking about her opinion on New Jersey politics. That would have been fine if that’s what the course was about… but it was “American Government.” I wish someone had told me that I didn’t need to buy the book because I only opened it once or twice throughout the whole semester.
  • My economics professor makes learning Macro almost as hard as neuroscience, by speeding through chapters and becoming angered by students who want to ask questions.  I find myself afraid to participate because if I were to say the wrong thing I fear that he would snap.
  • Friends of mine are in a math class where their professor is an older man who clearly loves teaching his subject, but gives out 7-10 page hand-written packets each class.  They say that it is impossible to sit through two and a half hours of his scribbling on the board and weekly quizzes that are given out one minute before the class ends.

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Despite some of these examples, Rowan has many excellent professors. You’d be missing out on the best possible college experience if you don’t take some of them. Something I didn’t realize before this semester was that your entire experience with a subject depends on how it’s taught, and who it’s taught by.  Choose wisely, if you can!

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