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My two best friends from home came to visit this weekend. My one friend is a junior in high school, and the other is a freshman at Fairfield University. What have I learned about having friends visit at school?

1. Having a car is SO much better than being limited to on-campus dining, and having to walk everywhere.

2. After going out for the night, waking up before 10am to go tanning is not going to happen.

3. Apparently, Rowan’s campus and buildings have a “new” look to them.

4. No one plays the “get the high school girl really drunk” game at parties.

5. If more than one friend is coming, a sleeping bag and blankets are necessary for making dorm room floors comfortable.

6. It’s not worth it to stress about having an itinerary and keeping friends occupied all day long. Lounging around and hanging out is totally okay.

7. Having my best friends come visit reminded me how much I’ve missed them, and now its time to plan our trip to Fairfield!

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