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While I was watching TV the other night, a show called Campus PD came on the E! Entertainment channel. This got me thinking about how severe of a problem drinking can be for college students.

Going along with friends to social events or parties is a good way to meet new people and have fun on the weekends. College parties, however, are different from those in high school in several ways. There’s no parents around to notice or care about what’s going on, the cops are way more laid back than they were at home, and there are often no “Designated Drivers” because it’s so easy to walk to parties.

This is appealing to many freshman, because they finally have the freedom to party as often (and as hard) as they want. I have seen so many students “overindulge” and binge drink to a dangerous level.

Does anyone really want to end their night looking like this?

or this?

Students with a history of alcohol or substance abuse should be especially aware of their party habits. Going out and socializing is one thing, but drinking to the point of incoherence is something totally different. At Rowan, both NA and AA counseling services are available, as well as classes for Addiction Studies and Awareness.

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