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On Saturday, I’ll be posting a photo essay. My idea for the project was based upon the concept of “A Day In the Life… of a Rowan student.” Basically, I followed around my roommate for a day and took pictures of the things we do together.

This made me realize that I should describe Brittny, how we met and how online technology began our friendship. So here’s how it all started…

Around March, after I declared my acceptance to Rowan University, I filled out the mandatory on-campus housing form. Although I knew several girls from my high school who were going to Rowan, I wanted to have a randomly selected roommate. The concept of meeting someone new and living with a stranger seemed enticing.

With my luck, however, I figured that I would end up with someone really weird. As summer approached, I started to worry about what my roommate would be like. After joining the Rowan Network on Facebook, I looked at different girl’s profiles. I didn’t see anyone in particular that I could picture myself living with, so I became even more nervous.

My luck took a turn for the better on July 1st, when I received a message in my Facebook inbox saying, “heyy are you dorming in the fall?” from a girl named Brittny. After looking at her profile information, pictures, and messaging back and forth for several days, we decided to live together. We exchanged numbers, and started planning who would bring what and chose a color scheme for the room. We were both excited to decorate and make the room our own.

Although we texted almost every day, I was a little nervous for move-in day. When everything was unpacked and our parents drove away, it was just Britt and me. Over the first couple weeks, we got to know each other’s personalities, quirks and habits. It’s so weird to look back at the beginning of the year, because Brittny has become one of my best friends. We’re the roommates that do everything together, have the same group of friends, and have yet to get in a single argument.

I’m not writing this to brag about my “perfect roommate” experience, but to recommend incoming freshman to use Facebook when it comes to dorming! To this day, I’m so glad that Brittny reached out to me, and that we ended up together.

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