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Packing for college can be stressful and overwhelming for many students. Am I bringing too much? Do I have everything I need? These are valid questions.

In no particular order, I’ve created a list of seven things you might not remember, but shouldn’t forget when packing for your new room.

  1. Laptop Lock – No matter how safe you assume your possessions are in your dorm, it only takes once for something to be stolen. A laptop combination lock helps make sure that your personal computer remains yours.
  2. Umbrella and Rain boots – Rain boots and an umbrella make walking across campus in the pouring rain a lot more pleasant. No one likes to show up at class soaking wet!
  3. Clothes Hangers – My mom was the one who reminded me that I’d need these, and I’m so glad we got a bunch of them before arriving at school. I hadn’t even thought of hangers for my closet, until I opened it up and saw that Rowan didn’t provide any.
  4. Silverware and Dishes – My roommate brought plates, bowls, cups and utensils along with dishwashing soap and sponges. Cleaning dishes isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but it eliminates the use of paper products (and overflowing garbage cans).
  5. White Board (for door) – In hallways or suites almost every room has a white board hung on the door, so friends can write notes or little things to each other. A white board is a fun way to communicate with neighbors and friends in your hallway.
  6. Vacuum and Lysol – Even the most compulsive of neat freaks will spill something sooner or later, and make use of a vacuum. Lysol spray and wipes are good ways to disinfect a room and get rid of germs.
  7. Laundry Detergent – Although a laundry room is provided for you, the detergent and quarters for the washing machine are not. Clothes don’t magically clean themselves in the machine!

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