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  1. Avoid snacking! Whether it’s in front of the TV, with friends, or while bored… don’t mindlessly munch.
  2. Choose water! Opting for water, instead of soda or high-sugar fruit juice, saves hundreds of calories each day.
  3. Be aware of the size of your portions and eat slowly.
  4. Instead of buying chips and snacks for your dorm, choose fresh fruit and vegetables.
  5. Hit the gym! Working out several times per week will help you remain fit and stay active.
  6. Don’t have the “Fourth Meal”! Late night snacking means hundreds of extra calories that will add up to weight gain. Dominos is delicious, but do you really need it at 2am?
  7. Make healthy choices in the cafeteria. Ice cream, cookies and pizza aren’t the components of a healthy lunch.
  8. Eat more vegetables! Veggies are packed with nutrients and low in calories.
  9. Pick low-fat options when available, like skim milk or low-cal salad dressings.
  10. Choose wheat or whole grain breads and wraps when making or ordering sandwiches.
  11. Don’t forget about breakfast! Having a good breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, and gives you energy to begin your day.
  12. Eat three balanced meals each day to avoid starving and then bingeing.
  13. Bring back meals! After being home for the weekend, take some homemade meals back in Tupperware and store in the fridge.
  14. Cut down on the beer! As I mentioned in my previous entry, alcohol can add-on hundreds of avoidable calories.
  15. Visit NutritionData for more information about nutrition and more ways to stay healthy.  

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