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Many girls who have been in a high school relationship break up when it’s time to go away to college. I can’t count the number of couples from my high school that split weeks into school. This is a scary thing for those who go away to school in a relationship, and really want to stay with their significant other. It can work though… if both partners are equally committed to each other. Maintaining a long distance relationship requires A LOT of effort, and can have its ups and downs.

To stay, or not to stay, in a high school relationship…

  • Is it worth it? You need to decide whether you can see yourself staying with your boyfriend throughout and after college. If you think so, it’s worth it to stay with this person. If you can’t imagine this, you may want to think about whether or not you want to try to make it work. If you’re going to remain exclusive, you need to commit one hundred percent. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re going to be with someone, be with them and ONLY THEM.
  • How often could we see each other? If, for example, you’re going to school in New Jersey, and your boyfriend in Vermont, visiting can be very difficult. You could go months at a time without seeing each other, and this is very hard for many people. It would be more realistic to stay in a relationship where you could visit each other at least once a month, or every couple of weeks.
  • Would I be tempted to cheat? If you could see yourself wanting to be with other people, or being unfaithful you need to consider how important your current relationship is to you. Would it be worth it to slip up one night and ruin everything you have? Prioritize.
  • How often would we talk, and how? With cell phones, it’s easy to stay in touch as often as you’d like, and this helps couples feel “connected,” even when miles apart. OoVoo and Skype are also programs to download, because video chatting is more personal than a text or call. Open communication is a must. You need to be completely honest with your partner, and trust that they will do the same.

My boyfriend and I didn’t start dating until this past September, when I began school. We had been unofficial all summer, because neither of us knew how we would feel once I left for college. Once fall came around, however, we realized that we didn’t want to see other people and wanted to put the effort in to make it work. He’s an hour and a half away, which makes it hard, but we make it work. If anyone has any questions about maintaining a long distance relationship, I’ll be glad to answer your comments!

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