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I asked forty freshmen what they gave up for lent and found that many gave up the usual things such as dessert, snacks, carbs, junk food or soda. Not everyone gave up food though, and I found some ideas to be really clever and noteworthy.

Here are some bad habits that Rowan freshman are giving up four forty days and nights:

  • Procrastination – Every college student is guilty of this. At least once, we’ve all pulled that all-nighter to finish a paper, or crammed pathetically fifteen minutes before class because we had more “important” things to do instead of making time for school work.   
  • Drinking Beer – According to The Calorie Counter, one beer averages at 146 calories per can, and a “light” beer has 99! I guess there’s a reason they don’t put the nutrition facts on the can…
  • Smoking – It’s common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is horrible for your health, but millions still light up every day. Nicotine addiction may seem impossible to beat, but you can do it!
  • Facebook – Because it’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family at home, college students love Facebook. Most don’t realize how addicting it is, or monitor how frequently they log on.  
  • Video Games – They can be a fun way to pass the time, but spending hours glued to a TV screen is a waste of a day. Joining a club, playing a sport, or hitting the gym are more active alternatives.
  • Swearing – We go to college in hopes of gaining an education and career after graduation. Curse words won’t impress future employers, or get you very far in the professional world.

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