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My two best friends from home came to visit this weekend. My one friend is a junior in high school, and the other is a freshman at Fairfield University. What have I learned about having friends visit at school?

1. Having a car is SO much better than being limited to on-campus dining, and having to walk everywhere.

2. After going out for the night, waking up before 10am to go tanning is not going to happen.

3. Apparently, Rowan’s campus and buildings have a “new” look to them.

4. No one plays the “get the high school girl really drunk” game at parties.

5. If more than one friend is coming, a sleeping bag and blankets are necessary for making dorm room floors comfortable.

6. It’s not worth it to stress about having an itinerary and keeping friends occupied all day long. Lounging around and hanging out is totally okay.

7. Having my best friends come visit reminded me how much I’ve missed them, and now its time to plan our trip to Fairfield!

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The Power of a To-Do-List

One of the most important skills to learn while away at college is time management. I thought I knew what was in store for me at school, but balancing my days and weeks became really overwhelming.
Instead of using a day planner, I make to-do-lists for each day. I write them when I’m in class, and post them on my white board so they’re not lost. This may seem like a silly thing to do, but I would recommend it to anyone. Writing out each day hour by hour is the best way to stay focused on what you’re supposed to get done, and make time for other fun stuff.

I may seem crazy and obsessive for writing out my days each hour at a time, but I challenge you to try it. It takes five minutes to plan out your day, and as you get each activity on your list done, you’ll sleep soundly that night.

For those who don’t make a schedule, there’s very little hope that they could stick to one.

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  1. Avoid snacking! Whether it’s in front of the TV, with friends, or while bored… don’t mindlessly munch.
  2. Choose water! Opting for water, instead of soda or high-sugar fruit juice, saves hundreds of calories each day.
  3. Be aware of the size of your portions and eat slowly.
  4. Instead of buying chips and snacks for your dorm, choose fresh fruit and vegetables.
  5. Hit the gym! Working out several times per week will help you remain fit and stay active.
  6. Don’t have the “Fourth Meal”! Late night snacking means hundreds of extra calories that will add up to weight gain. Dominos is delicious, but do you really need it at 2am?
  7. Make healthy choices in the cafeteria. Ice cream, cookies and pizza aren’t the components of a healthy lunch.
  8. Eat more vegetables! Veggies are packed with nutrients and low in calories.
  9. Pick low-fat options when available, like skim milk or low-cal salad dressings.
  10. Choose wheat or whole grain breads and wraps when making or ordering sandwiches.
  11. Don’t forget about breakfast! Having a good breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, and gives you energy to begin your day.
  12. Eat three balanced meals each day to avoid starving and then bingeing.
  13. Bring back meals! After being home for the weekend, take some homemade meals back in Tupperware and store in the fridge.
  14. Cut down on the beer! As I mentioned in my previous entry, alcohol can add-on hundreds of avoidable calories.
  15. Visit NutritionData for more information about nutrition and more ways to stay healthy.  

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I asked forty freshmen what they gave up for lent and found that many gave up the usual things such as dessert, snacks, carbs, junk food or soda. Not everyone gave up food though, and I found some ideas to be really clever and noteworthy.

Here are some bad habits that Rowan freshman are giving up four forty days and nights:

  • Procrastination – Every college student is guilty of this. At least once, we’ve all pulled that all-nighter to finish a paper, or crammed pathetically fifteen minutes before class because we had more “important” things to do instead of making time for school work.   
  • Drinking Beer – According to The Calorie Counter, one beer averages at 146 calories per can, and a “light” beer has 99! I guess there’s a reason they don’t put the nutrition facts on the can…
  • Smoking – It’s common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is horrible for your health, but millions still light up every day. Nicotine addiction may seem impossible to beat, but you can do it!
  • Facebook – Because it’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family at home, college students love Facebook. Most don’t realize how addicting it is, or monitor how frequently they log on.  
  • Video Games – They can be a fun way to pass the time, but spending hours glued to a TV screen is a waste of a day. Joining a club, playing a sport, or hitting the gym are more active alternatives.
  • Swearing – We go to college in hopes of gaining an education and career after graduation. Curse words won’t impress future employers, or get you very far in the professional world.

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The amount of snow that New Jersey has received in the past two weeks is ridiculous. This recent blizzard has led me to search for restaurants with good food that will deliver to the dorms at Rowan.  Most of them even accept Boro Bucks from the Rowan Card!

Whether you’re snowed in, or just want delivery, I’ve compiled a list of the best places to call in Glassboro:

For Italian Food or Pizza…

  • Ciconte’s Italian Pizzeria* – (856) 881-4412
  • Dominos* – (856) 881-8100
  • Papa John’s – (856) 863-8383 
  • Esgro’s Italian Deli* – (856) 863–9200

If you’re in the mood for something healthy…

  • Salad Works* – (856) 863–2200
  • Antoinette’s Deli Seafood – (856) 881–6855

The best Chinese Food…

  • Ming Lok – (856) 589–6161
  • Hunan Wok* – (856) 881-8981 offers specials for Rowan students!

 *accepts Boro Bucks. Where else can I use my Boro Bucks? 


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Packing for college can be stressful and overwhelming for many students. Am I bringing too much? Do I have everything I need? These are valid questions.

In no particular order, I’ve created a list of seven things you might not remember, but shouldn’t forget when packing for your new room.

  1. Laptop Lock – No matter how safe you assume your possessions are in your dorm, it only takes once for something to be stolen. A laptop combination lock helps make sure that your personal computer remains yours.
  2. Umbrella and Rain boots – Rain boots and an umbrella make walking across campus in the pouring rain a lot more pleasant. No one likes to show up at class soaking wet!
  3. Clothes Hangers – My mom was the one who reminded me that I’d need these, and I’m so glad we got a bunch of them before arriving at school. I hadn’t even thought of hangers for my closet, until I opened it up and saw that Rowan didn’t provide any.
  4. Silverware and Dishes – My roommate brought plates, bowls, cups and utensils along with dishwashing soap and sponges. Cleaning dishes isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but it eliminates the use of paper products (and overflowing garbage cans).
  5. White Board (for door) – In hallways or suites almost every room has a white board hung on the door, so friends can write notes or little things to each other. A white board is a fun way to communicate with neighbors and friends in your hallway.
  6. Vacuum and Lysol – Even the most compulsive of neat freaks will spill something sooner or later, and make use of a vacuum. Lysol spray and wipes are good ways to disinfect a room and get rid of germs.
  7. Laundry Detergent – Although a laundry room is provided for you, the detergent and quarters for the washing machine are not. Clothes don’t magically clean themselves in the machine!

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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Cassie. I moved onto Rowan University’s campus in the fall of 2009, and it was my first time living on my own. No parents, unlimited freedom, and being surrounded by thousands of college kids every day sounded amazing and I couldn’t wait for my new life away from home.

What I didn’t realize, however, was the huge amount of responsibility that I acquired the minute I unpacked my bags and settled into my dorm room. I’ve learned a lot over the first semester at Rowan about what works, and what (clearly) does not when it comes to living alone and being independent. Over this next semester, I plan to share what I’ve learned, provide tips and tricks for making dorm life easier, and recap the experiences of other freshman who live on campus.

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